In this page you'll find the most common situations our Clients face concerning the normal function of OneContact:


Why am I getting a Receive failure, due to insufficient buffer message?

If you get a receive failure, due to insufficient buffer, message on TransportUdpEventCallback the proxy has a buffer size configured that is inferior to the size of the message being sent.
Click here, for more information.


There's a discrepancy in the cube information concerning calls with Direction = 3300 an SessionType = 3301.

When there's a manual call between agents, the call is accounted for on both agents.
Manual calls that have a force logout or instance suspend will show up on RAID but don't show up on [ReportSessionInteractionTerminate] or on cube.
Only if a manual call is properly disconnected the end session event will be sent to Reporting.


How can I set the audio recording path?

To change the audio recording path you must go to OneAdmin and edit the Storage configuration. Keep in mind you'll need full control over the folder you'll assign.
To know more about audio recording path configuration, click here.


Is it possible to extend the current Cube by custom dimensions?

Changing the cube setting is not supported. You can add metadata to interactions through the BusinessData dimension. This is done through the SDK in a similar way to BusinessOutcome.


I'm trying to create a Data Warehouse and I keep getting a Deploying Cube error: The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a send. What's wrong?

Check if there's a connection to the WebServicesHost. If there's no logs than the request isn't reaching the WebServicesHost. To check the WebServicesHost URL:

  1. Open the BaseServiceHost on localhost.
  2. invoque getComponentURL.
  3. Get the ComponentID = 2026.
  4. Edit the address to insert the propper URL.
  5. Save to apply changes.


Can I see who has accessed which recordings?

No, there's no way of knowing who has accessed the recordings.


Can I change the permissions for some roles?

Yes, you can change the roles permissions.
To know how to edit roles, click here.
To see the user roles and default tasks table, click here.


My agents keep getting a telephone red, on OneAgentWeb. What does it mean?

If OneAgentWeb has the telephony in red, there's no connection or access to mic. 
Click here, to see more information about the OneAgentWeb's status bar.


How many emails should we allow in the archive?

Collab's advises that Exchange runtime folders shouldn't exceed 4k emails/day. 
For Exchange guidelines, please refer to Microsoft kb:

I can't get OneSupervisor to follow the URL configured on ListManagement for HTTP URL Rewrite.

To get OneSupervisor to supports http redirect, configure the redirect type = 307:

  1. Go to IIS and on DeafaultWebSite, double click on Redirect to HTTPS.
  2. Select 307 on Redirect Type:
  3. Click Apply to save changes.


What do the numbers mean on the logs concerning Radvision?

This are the Radvision error codes and their meaning:

Error Code Meaning
-1 There was an error, but we don't know specifics
-2  No resource left for this operation
-3  Parameter value invalid
-4 Required pointer parameter was a NULL pointer
-5  Parameter out of range 
-6  Operation attempted on a destructed object 
-7  Request not supported under current configuration 
-8  Object uninitialized 
-9  Incomplete operation, used by semaphore's try lock 
-10 The requested action is illegal
-11 Action failed due to network problems
-12 A handle passed to a function is illegal
-13 The requested item cannot be found
-14 The buffer is too small
-16 To signal UDP receive failure, usually due to ICMP message
-17 The bind on the socket failed due address unavailability
Default Unknown Error


In case of Radvision exception, on CallControl, the log is printed in the following format:
"RadVisionException in function {function } with error {error code}: {message} {stack trace}"


My agent can hear the client, but the client can't hear the agent and the agent's sound isn't on the recorded interaction.  What can we do to solve this?

If there's sound on the client side, first make sure that OneMedia is receiving RTP on both legs:

  • Check the logs and search for REC B: (each B is a different leg for the same call).
  • Check WI: on both legs.
  • If they're rising RTP is being received.
  • If RTP is being received but on the agent's side is silence:
    • Check if the agent has the proper mic selected.
    • Check if the mic wasn't added or removed without a logout/login.


Why do we have discrepancies between Agente Interaction Summary and Service Performance Analysis?

If you have reports with different results, please take in account that the measures used on reports are different and provide different results:

  • Queue Interaction Handled Count - Total number of Queue Interactions that were handled in the Queue.
  • Agent Interaction Count - Number of interactions made by the Agent.

The discrepancy can be explained in many ways, for example:

  • Assign Services change the service to which the interaction is assigned.
  • Manual calls in which an assign service is made to an inbound service.

Since other situations can explain this discrepancy to know the real reason, analise the ReportAgentInteractionDetail and ReportQueueInteractionDetail tables.

To know more about measures and measure groups interactions, click here.


I'm getting timeout exceptions while processing the OneContact Analysis Service cube. How can i fix it?

Try increasing the ExternalCommandTimeout property in Analysis Services properties to a sufficient value (possibly several hours, depending on the amount of data and hardware that you have). To know more about Analysis Services click on the link below:


OneSIPConnector stopped receiving SIP messages. What can i do?

If OneSIPConnector stopped receiving SIP messages, please perform the following checks:

  1. Check if there's a bug related with this issue.
  2. Check if no firewall is configured for this port.
  3. Assure that in wireshark you can see the messages reaching OneSIPConnector in correct port and IP.


There are no threads. What can I do?

When ServerManager has high usages of threads it is a problem indicative. A frequent problem is that queries in database are slow. To understand what are the queries, you need turn on SQL debug:

  • Open OneContactService.exe.config.
  • Add the parameter SQL_DEBUG_PATH.
  • Add the parameter SQL_DEBUG_LONG_QUERY (if you want catch all queries you can set 500 in value).


Why do we have the oneproxy logs constantly created in the log file and showing some error?

When there's an error with OneProxy's log files, check for LocalAddressOpen:


The failed to open local UDP address can be caused by:

  • The IP exists on the server machine. Check with the command ipconfig /all to confirm.

  • The port might be already in use. Check if the selected port is already in use, with the command: netstat -nao | find "5060"



Why do we have upgrade problems?

When upgrading a system, make sure you read all the instructions and complied with the pre-conditions and/or special notes. E.g.: Visual C++ Redistributable is required and mentioned in the special notes for new releases.