Instant messaging

The following operations are possible in IM interactions:

  • send & receive messages.
    You are able to send (spell-checking is available) and receive IM messages when in a conversation with another party.

  • send & receive typing notifications.
    When you start writing a message, a typing notification is sent to the remote party and vice-versa.

  • conversation history.
    You are able to see the conversation history of the IM call (balloons). Messages of both users are shown with user identification and time.

IM conversations are shown in the script area, inside the associated session tab. The script area is split vertically:


When in a multi-session, the Agent will receive alerts whenever a client writes a chat message. The alert of the new message will be delivered in three formats:

  • Sound warning - A warning sound will be played warning about the incoming message.
  • Browser tab warning - the browser tab will display the "*" symbol to alert the Agent about the unread message. 
  • Session tab warning - every time there is an unread message the session tab name blinks.