Handling an interaction

The first time a customer contacts the center, and once the contact is answered, the customer's address may not be on the database, so it will appear on CIH's agent script with no more data than the number/address itself.

A typical interaction is done as follow:

  1. It is up to you to initiate a new register by clicking Add New Customer in the CIH agent script:


  2. An Add/Find Customer menu where the customer's data can be filled in will open. Fill in the data for the new customer and then click Confirm:


  3. After you have created a customer you can add issues for them. To do it:
    1. Click in Add a New Issue. A dialog will pop-up.
    2. Fill in the issue details and then click Add new issue, to add the new issue:


  4. After you have created an issue, you can execute the issue tasks.
  5. Next, check the customer's status to indicate by clicking that the task was done. The icon changes to
  6. If you decide to add comments to the issue, click new_comment.png. A dialog will pop-up:


    Type the comment and click Add Comment. The comment will be added to the comment list in the issues main view:


  7. If you decide to reschedule a contact attempt with this customer, you must click Reschedule on the CIH. A dialog will pop up:
    1. Set the Date and Time for the contact.
    2. Select which outbound service should be used to attempt the contact.
    3. Check Reschedule to me, if you want to make the contact yourself.
  8. After you have completed all tasks, you must set the Business Outcome for the interaction. To do it:
    1. Click in the Business Outcome button. A dialog will pop-up.
    2. Select the Business Outcome for the interaction and then click set.
  9. To finish the interaction, click Finish on the script.