Issue Operations

The CIH BackOffice provides a easy way to change some Issue parameters, in the case the Agent and the State of the issues. This way, you can re-assign an issue, or you can change its status if needed.

To do it:

  1. In the CIH BackOffice go to Issues -> Issue Operations:


  2. You can search for issues using the provided criterion. You can use a single criterion, like the Origin in the example, or you can combine several criterion to straighten your search results. To search for the issues, click Search.
  3. After you have performed your search click in the Operations tab.
  4. In the Operations tab, you can select an issue from the search results:


    Note: Note that you can only perform operations in issues that aren't Done.

  5. After you have selected the desired issue(s) to operate on, you can select the desired operation to perform:
    1. Agent - re-define and agent for the selected issue(s).
    2. State - re-define the selected issue(s) state.
  6. After you have decided the operation to perform, click in Apply to perform the selected operation: