Importing Customers

To import customers to your CIH system:

  1. In the CIH BackOffice go to Customer -> Customer Import:


  2. In the Customer import window click in Download template file. An excel file will be downloaded.
  3. Open the Excel file and edit it accordingly. Note that fields in red are mandatory:


    Note: Template considerations:
    - CustomerTypeID is the one defined on CIH (Customer Configuration > Customer Type).
    - The Field2, Field3, etc, columns are the configured field on Customer Configuration >  Data Fields and must be filled with the information from the same position as the Identification Field of the CustomerTypeID. Start counting the Field position after the FullName Field.
    CustomerAddressType_1 indicates the type of contact address type (set 1 by default). Each CustomerAddress (you can have more than one, eg: CustomerAddress_2, CustomerAddress_3) must have a CustomerAddressType (eg: CustomerAddressType_2, CustomerAddressType_3, etc).
    - The CustomerAddress_1 Column must be filled with the corresponding contact of the client (phone, email, etc).
    - The unused CustomerAddressType and CustomerAddress columns must be removed.



  4. After you have saved and exited the excel file, back in CIH click in New Import. Browse for the file you want to import. If the import is successful, the file will be displayed in the file list with a check-mark in success.