Managing Email templates

Email templates are very useful when you need to send the same e-mail response to customers with the same kind of requests for information, or when you need to send promotional messages or warnings. CIH has the tools to store and edit e-mail templates that can be sent directly from the your console.


Creating Email Templates

To create a new Email template:

  1. On the main BackOffice page, click Email Templates.
  2. Click New Email Template.
  3. In the dialog:
    1. Type the name of your template.
    2. Write the email's text.
      The tool presents a word processor with several format features that can be used in your e-mail's composition:


    3. When you have finished creating your template, click Save.
  4. The new Email Template will be displayed in the Email Templates list. 
Tip: To know how to apply an email template, click here.


Editing Email Templates

To edit Email Templates:

  1. Select the Email Template you wish to edit, from the Email templates list.
  2. Click edit_issue.png to the left of the Email Template's name.
  3. On the Edit Email Template pop-up window, make your changes and click Save.
  4. The Email Templates entry is changed.

Deleting Email Templates

To delete Email Templates:

  1. Select the Email Template, from the Email Template list, you wish to delete and click delete_issue.png to the left of its name
  2. Confirm your choice on the dialog window by clicking Delete.