Configuring Issues

In the CIH Backoffice you can manage issue types. In here you can:


Adding/Editing a new issue type

To add/edit a new issue type:

  1. In the CIH BackOffice go to Issues -> Issue Configuration:


  2. Click in add_issue.png to add a new issue type or edit_issue.png to edit an existing issue. The issue type wizard will open:


  3. Type the Name of the Issue type and check the boxes of the services you want to associate your issue type with.

  4. Click in the Form tab, to add/edit the issue fields. There are 3 types of fields:
    • Text field - A text field is a field where the CIH user can write answers to questions or have a free text space.
    • Checkboxes field - Chec
    • Dropdown field -


  5.  After you have created/edited all desired fields for your issue type, click Confirm to create/finish editing your issue type.



Deleting an issue type

To delete an issue type:

  1. In the issue configuration list, locate the issue you want to delete and click delete_issue.png
  2. A confirmation will pop up. Click Delete to confirm the deletion:




Changing the order of issue types

To the change the issue types order:

  1. In the issue configuration list, locate the issue(s) you want to move up or down in the list.
  2. Click in up-down.png to move the issue up or down in the list.
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