Submit requests

To submit a request:

Note: You must be logged to Collab's Knowledge Base to submit requests.
  1. Click on Submit a request.

  2. Fill in the form:
    • CC - Insert email (one or more) to receive a copy of the request submitted.
    • Subject - Insert the request's subject.
      Note: Articles from Collab's Knowledge Base will be suggested to try to solve the situation.
    • Description - Enter the details of your request.
    • Priority - Define the priority status of the situation, from the drop-down menu, based on the level of impact the issue is having on your system.
    • Product - Select the Collab's product you need assistance with.
    • Attachments - Add files, if they provide further information about your request. 
      Note: The fields with * are mandatory.

  3. Click submit.