IMAP/SMTP protocols

As one of the new features of OneContact CC 3.x, the IMAP and SMTP protocols are used to manage emails.

Since the email interactions were managed through Exchange webservices, it was only possible to send email through Exchange which means clients had to install Microsoft Exchange to configure email in OneContact. With the IMAP and STMP protocols, you can manage your emails with any service provider.

Up until now there were two components to manage email and social interactions (MailControl and SocialConnector). Thiose were replaced by only one component: MessageControl.

The system configuration and implementation are now simpler: OneContact CC creates only three folders: runtime, sent and archived, saving time in installation and while operating.


To see how the emails are handled, click here.

Before OneContact 3.x, you had to configure five parameters to use the default mail box, now you only configure one, the defaultemailserviceID.



Creating email services is easier:


Note: If you choose Google, Office365 or Yahoo, some parameters will be already configured for your convenience.

To know more about mailbox's configuration, click here.