API database

Here you can see a table with all Collab's API:

Product API Interface Language Functionality Notes Package
OneContact Server side SDK DLL .Net (C#) Provides a way of interacting with OneContact. There are interfaces to reach the several components from OneContact like Statistics, ServerManager, Notifier, etc.   SDK (32 and 64 bits)
OneContact OneAgentWeb Javascript -- Gives the ability for custom Agent Scripts to obtain information and details about the logged agent and the current interaction.   OneAgent Web
OneContact OneSupervisor API DLL .NET (C#)

Instance provisioning

OneContact OneAdmin API DLL .NET (C#) System provisioning   OneAdmin
OneContact ListManagement Web Service SOAP -- Outbound contacts management   OneContactWebserviceHost
Gamification Gamification API REST -- Provisioning, provide statistics  



Gamification KPI importer

SOAP -- KPI provisioning  


OneLogin OneLogin API REST -- User provisioning   OneLogin 
OneContactPBX OneContactPBX Provisioning API  REST -- PBX Provisioning   OnePBXProvisioningWebService
OneContactPBX OneContactPBX monitoring service  SOAP -- PBX monitoring service   OnePBXMonitoringService