The architecture of ME may be outlined as follows:


The ME ecosystem comprises:

  • IP-PBX (OneContactPBX) entirely based on the customer’s Cloud, supplied as Software-as-a-Service and with no installation required. The adoption of the SaaS paradigm allows for immediate provisioning of virtualized IP-PBXs, in an on-demand and no hardware costs model. These advantages come together, from the operator’s point of view, with a greatly simplified provisioning and maintenance platform (even when compared to current IP Centrex services).
  • Web Portal for Self-Provisioning. Through this portal customers can purchase and configure directly contracted communications services and communications: Dynamic IVR Menus for inbound, configuration of extensions and overflow rules, distribution groups, voice mail, etc.
  • VoIP Fixed-Mobile Applications for Mobile Devices.

This component consists of VoIP FMC running on smartphones. These applications allow users to unify their communications on the smartphone, with sophisticated communications management and control of presence state (fixed lines, mobile channels, Instant Messaging, e-mail, fax, etc.). Even though ME integrate with fixed network devices (e.g. SIP phones), the mobile terminals will be the preferred front-end for various communication services.