Mobile extensions at work

Suppose that you want to open a new business or restructure your company's communications strategy. From your phone, you go to the app store or portal of your telecommunications operator and simply download a new application.

This application allows you to select a set of telephone numbers for, say, your offices around the world. After a quick DDI purchase process, you create an IVR Menu in minutes (welcome to XYZ Inc.) and a number of routing options (press 1 for maths, press 2 for physics, etc.).

Once the distribution strategy is in place, the system is ready to operate. Other employees simply download the application and, without any additional configuration, can communicate with each other or outwards.

In minutes, fom your smartphone or web browser, you have had ME jump-start all your international communications strategy and integrated offices in various countries. Fixed and mobile now converge on your phone and follow you aroud the world, without the cost of international calls.

If you are in a meeting, the system can automatically forward the call to your assistant; alternatively, your screen can offer you the option forwarding to a colleague or distribution group. All the features of the traditional desktop phone are now on your mobile device.