The market for mobile extensions

Aimed at both customers and operators, ME comes from Collab’s extensive know-how in developing innovative and sophisticated services for the enterprise.

From a functional point of view, ME address a market range that lies between:

  • Call center services and IP Centrex, aimed at organizations large or small, and with the significant costs of specialized deployment and maintenance), and
  • VoIP services for home/individual users, such as Skype and Google Voice. This vast market is made up essentially of small and medium-sized companies which would like to access sophisticated communications services but face persistent (installation and use) cost barriers.

When compared with solutions for individual users such as Skype, ME stands out for its sophistication and integration of business services, carrying with it the full weight of Collab's Contact Center and PBX know-how, and taking advantage of the strong links with operators (who will remain involved in the service, from a technical and commercial viewpoint, unlike for example in the case of Skype).

When compared to the current IP Centrex market, ME provide a significantly lower entry barrier (lower costs, lower time to deploy, simplified configuration and maintenance) but continuing to provide sophisticated services.

From the telco’s point of view, ME offers customers a more complete and satisfactory service and lower installation and maintenance costs. These advantages will help the telco not only to maintain their customer base (small businesses that use traditional solutions and could migrate to other operators) but to expand it with new customers which could, in the absence of ME, opt for other business-targeted solutions such as Skype.

It is also hoped that the lower costs of investment and maintenance of ME (scale, direct channels of self-provisioning, reduced hardware investments) will enable operators to maintain their operating margins even while passing cost savings to customers.