KPIs integration using Excel

Through the Excel integration you can upload KPIs to the Gamification Portal through a completely remote approach. The Excel file template can be downloaded from the server where the application is and filled with information. Then it should be uploaded manually in the Gamification Portal.

To complete the KPI integration using Excel you need:

  • Access via HTTPs
  • MS Excel to edit
  • Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010 Redistributable on server side to read from excel

The picture below shows the flow of the process:


To upload your KPIs using Excel:

  1. Access the Importation Tools tab in your Gamification portal
  2. Download the KPI Template File by clicking in Download KPI Template File.
  3. Open the downloaded file with Ms Excel and fill it with the KPIs you want to integrate in your Gamification portal.
  4. Save and close the Excel file.
  5. Back in your Gamification Portal, select a Start Date and a End Date.
  6. Browse for the file and then click Upload to upload your KPIs to the Gamification portal.


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