Automatic client provisioning

To ease client provisioning, OneContactPBX can create/update client configurations via an Excel file. To fully automate provisioning, OneContactPBX can further and automatically process Excel files placed in specific directories.

Note: To download a template (example) Excel file, for the version, click here. On this file you have the fields filled as an example. Delete the example rows and fill with your information.


Template considerations

  • If there's a convergent extension, on the System tab, only the dark blue columns  will be considered. The other columns must be filled on the Convergents tab, to be considered.
  • On Extensions, if there's a ConvergentNumber inserted, that value must be also inserted on ConvergentExtensions (Convergents tab).
  • If a hardphone is inserted on the extensions table, the hardphone model must already exist on the PBX database. 
  • On the DialPlans tab, the name inserted on DialPlansRules must be also inserted on DialPlans.