Multiple clients, sites and extensions

A OneContactPBX client is a logical abstraction that represents a real world client, usually a company or a company department. Each client must have a unique domain that identifies it. OneContactPBX allows the configuration of multiple clients in a single installation. Each client has a Web Client Administration Account that allows the configuration of client sites, extensions, routing profiles, hunting groups and all other client-related policies.

A client site is a logical representation of a physical client office location (e.g. Lisbon, London, etc). It allows the configuration of maximum allowed traffic depending on the client's needs, and it also allows the definition of Site outgoing numbers, used in outbound calls for Extensions that have no DDIs/valid DDIs.

Client extensions represent real PBX phone extensions. Each extension has an unique internal address, valid within the client's domain and optional DDIs. An extension can be used in any SIP-compliant phone/softphone. Each extension has a Web Extension Account that allows changing extension properties (display name, password) and routing profile.

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