Concerning a silent installation, the install command installs a new instance. You can install all the packages, select the ones you want to install or install by default.

All command lines start with setup, so a command line will look like this:

setup install –instance test –package OneAdmin:3.1.7 –p OneSupervisor:3.1.0 –param BaseServiceUrl=”tcp://localhost:8095”

The install command has these available options:

  • Mandatory:
    • -instance, -i
    • -package, -p
    • -sysdbpassword (is mandatory if you install OneContactService)

  • Optional:
    • -parameter, - param
    • -fixrequirements, -f
    • -setrepository, -set
    • -restartifneeded, -r
    • -clearpackages, -c

  • Package keywords:
    • -all (selects all available packages)
    • -default (selects a default selection of packages)

To get more information about all the available options, click here.

To get more information about parameters, click here.


Creating an instance named CC, for example, will look like this:





By typing setup help install you'll get the available information: