In a silent installation, the upgrade command allows you to upgrade or repair an existing instance and also add new components to an existing instance. Parameters can only be chosen for new installations, upgrades will keep their old parameters.

The command line will look like this:

setup upgrade –i test –p OneSupervisor

setup upgrade –i test –p default

The upgrade command has these available options:

  • Mandatory:
    • -instance, -i
    • -package, -p
    • -sysdbpassword (is mandatory if required by the selected packages)

  • Optional:
    • -parameter, - param
    • -fixrequirements, -f
    • -setrepository, -set
    • -restartifneeded, -r
    • -clearpackages, -c

To get more information about all the available options, click here.

To get more information about parameters, click here.


Upgrading an instance named CC, for example, will look like this:





By typing setup help upgrade you'll get the available information: