Command line interface

By clicking on OneSetup - CLI, a command prompt window will appear, in the OneSetup location:


To access setup, through a command line interface, use the following syntax:

setup <command> <options>


The following commands are available:

  • install, in - Installs a set of packages.
  • upgrade, up - Upgrades a set of packages.
  • uninstall, un - Uninstalls a set of packages.
  • download, d - Downloads packages to the local disk in order to perform an offline installation.
  • listinstall, li - Lists the installed packages and their versions.
  • listrepo, lr - Lists the packages available in the repository and in the local cache and their versions.
  • help, h - Lists all the commands and options available on command line usage.
  • version, v - Displays versions information for all the assemblies.
Note: You can use either one or the other command (eg.: enter install or just in for the same effect).

Install, upgrade, uninstall and download commands will display progress messages and errors to the console.

Install and Upgrade can be used without being connected to the repository as long as the packages have been previously downloaded. Otherwise connection to the repository is mandatory.

To get more information about repository configuration, click here.