Player's home page

When you login in the Gamification player portal you have immediate access to your home page. In here you can find an overview of your Gamification activity, your ranking position among other players and your latest achievements. In this page you can see:




Individual challenges

In the individual challenges you can see the available games: 




In the profile you can see: 

Avatar.png Name - Your name.
Avatar -
Your avatar.
Medals -
The medals you won.
Rank -
Your current rank.
XP -
Your current experience points and how much you'll need to advance to the next rank.
CP -
Your current credit points. These are the points you can use to buy prizes from the store.


Activities Status

In the Activities Status you can see a pie chart with all the activities assigned to you. It shows:


Completed - The activities you have completed.

Time is up - The activities you failed to complete in the given time.

Proceeding - The activities waiting completion.

The pie chart legend will show, in percentage, your activity status.

Note: Hover the pie chart to see the absolute number for each category.
Note: By clicking on the legend you can hide any category.



In the Leaderboards you can see your position in the ranks and compare it with other players. These are presented according to your ranking position. For example, if you're ranked in #18 it will show the players between #11 and #20.

There are three Leaderboards:

  • XP Leaderboard - This board shows the amount of experience you gained so far and how it ranks you among other players:



  • Credit Points Leaderboard - This board shows the amount of credits you currently have and how it ranks you among other players:



  • Medals Leaderboard - This board shows the amount of medals you won so far and how it ranks you among other players:



Latest activities

In the Latest Activities you can see the latest three activities you started as well as the activity status and how much experience and credits points you were or will be awarded, depending if the activity was completed or not.

There are three types of activities:

  • Achievements - Here you can see the last three achievements you started:



  • Quests - Here you can see the last three quests you started:



  • Challenges - Here you can see the last three challenges you started:



Note: Clicking on one achievement, quest or challenge to see more information about it in the My activities.


Wheel of fortune

In the Wheel of fortune you can see:


Note: the number indicates how many times you can spin the wheel.
  • Click PLAY to open the Wheel of Fortune pop-up window:

  • Click STOP to stop the wheel of fortune. A pop-up displays the prize won:

Note: The wheel is available to play, once a day, resetting at midnight.