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Gamification is a web application developed to help managers improve the workplace environment and performance through game like events. They allow employees to do their daily job or learn new competences just as if it was a game in which they are awarded for their progress and achievements.

Since Gamification is highly customizable, it allows administrators and supervisors to use it either to promote employee engagement in short term periods through a series of challenges, to enable new employees, making them follow a series of tasks where they learn the basics of their job, or even to promote team spirit by creating activities where a group of workers has to work together towards a common goal.


How it works

Gamification uses game mechanics and design techniques to create a game like experience during the work period. The main purpose is to make work more appealing, motivating and fun while still trying to meet company goals.

Gamification has three types of users:

  • Players
    Players take part in activities where they are awarded experience (XP) and credit points (CC) each time they achieve the activities goals.

    Experience measures the player's evolution and indicate how experienced he is. It allows the player to move up the ranks, level up, if he acquires enough experience.

    Credit points are points used to buy prizes from the store. They're the Gamification currency. In the Gamification Store you'll see he prizes available and how much each one costs.

    As a player, you will be able to map your evolution, your career progress and compare it with other players. You'll know about new activities and what you'll win from completing them.

  • Supervisors
    Supervisors can assign players to teams, create activities and assign players and teams to those activities, but they can't take part on them.

  • Administrators 
    Administrators can assign players to teams and workgroups, create activities and assign players and teams to those activities, but they can't take part on them.

    As an Administrator you can create activities that help to implement new procedures. This way the player will follow a path of goals that will reward them while they're learning what you want from them. You can also create short term activities that will stimulate quick responses and provide prizes upon completion.



Activities are events that translate your employees daily tasks into a game environment. This way, they become players and while performing theirs tasks, they are also playing, reaching goals, earning experience and getting rewarded through credit points that they can use to buy prizes.

There are different activity types and with different status that change as the players complete those activities.


Activity types

You have three different types of activities, each one serving a different purpose:

Quests.png Quests - Quests set up goals that must be overcome to achieve a reward, this type can be completed by everyone that has accepted the quest, and there is no competition involved.
Chal.png Challenges - Challenges are competitions where everyone must try to achieve the same goal faster or better than everyone else. Challenges will only reward top finishers.
Ach.png Achievements - This type will highlight feats and milestones, these may require some sort of expertise or just by doing something for a certain amount of time.


Activity status

Each activity has three possible status:

  • Completed - The activity was finished in time with success.
  • Proceeding - The activity is ongoing and there's still time to complete it.
  • Time is up - The activity can no longer be completed because the end time was reached.


With Gamification a player can have fun at work while being more productive and be rewarded for it!


Warning: Gamification displays different information whether you're a supervisor or administrator. On the following articles, click on the top of the screen, on "Role view" to have the information displayed for the desired role.