In the Store you have two tabs. One where you can trade the credits you earned, by completing activities, for prizes and other where you can check all the transactions that you made and their state:


In this page you can see:

  • Store items - The list of prizes you can buy. Click on a prize to get more information about it.
  • Transactions - Your purchases history page.
  • Credit points - The amount of credit points you have available.
  • Description - Prize description.
  • Available - How many units the prize has available.
  • Price - How much credit points the prize costs.
  • Buy - Click on Buy to get more information on the prize and make a transaction.

Prize details

In the prize page, you can see: 

Credit points - How many credits points you have
Description - The prize's description.
Available - How many units the prizes has available.
Price - How many credit points you need to buy this prize.
Image - The prize's image.
Name - The prize's name.
Quantity - Click on - or + to change the amount you want to buy.
Buy - Click on Buy to finish the transaction.
See other items - Click on See other items to cancel the operation and return to store.



Buying a prize

To buy a prize you have to:

  1. Click on the desired prize from the store.
  2. Use the - and + to change the quantity of units you want.
  3. Click Buy to complete the process.
Warning: If you click See other items you cancel the operation and go back to the prize's list.



Click in the Transactions to see your purchases history. Each entry has: 

Image - The prize's image.
Name - The prize you bought.
Units - How many units you purchased.
Date - The date and time of the transaction.
CC - How many credits you used in the transaction.
Status - The transaction status which can be completed or canceled: 
  • Completed - Approved by the administrator.
  • Canceled - Refused by the administrator




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