Datastudio Homepage

Note: This feature is currently only available in the context of OneContact Data Studio Early Adopters Program.

This page will explain how you can interact with the Datastudio interface and how to access its many features.


The Datastudio Homepage is composed of the following elements:

  1. Dashboard List
  2. Welcome panel
  3. Upper right Menu
  4. Left side Menu
  5. Sample of available metrics


Dashboard List

The Datastudio Home presents a list of the dashboards:


Here you can select dashboards for them to be displayed, and you can also "Star" them, by pressing the datastudio_star_1.png icon. 

Starred dashboards will display a datastudio_star_2.png and be highlighted in the menu. 

Note: The Dashboard list is a panel in itself, and as such, can be managed like other panels. By default the search section shows the dashboards in the general folder. 


Dashboard Display

Dashboards take center stage in the Datastudio. 

Once selected, the dashboard will be displayed in the middle of the screen:


Each of the individual tables\graphs displayed within the dashboard is known as a panel. 

Panels can be viewed, edited, shared and more. Click here to learn more about managing Dashboards and Panels. 


Welcome Panel


Pressing Documentation will open the datastudio documentation in a separate browser tab.

The welcome banner is also a panel in itself and can be modified. 



In the upper right menu:

  • Press datastudio_new_panel.png to add a new panel;
  • Press datastudio_save.png to save a dashboard;
  • Press datastudio_settings.png to open dashboard settings;
  • Press  datastudio_time_settings.png  to edit the time settings.
  • Press datastudio-time_refresh.png to configure the time duration between data refreshes.
  • Press  datastudio_cycle_views.png to cycle through view modes.


Left Side Menu

The left side menu is visible across all dashboards and displays the following options:


  • Press Home to return to the homepage
  • Press Search to open the search page
  • Press Starred, to open a list of starred dashboards
  • Press Dashboards to manage the dashboards
  • Press Alerting to manage alerts.


Opening the search page allows you to search dashboards by name, sort through the folders and filter them through Starred or Tags.

Pressing datastudio_search_display.png will change the folder display.




The starred option functions as a shortcut to the dashboards that have been starred. Clicking on a dashboard will display this:




The dashboards option allows you to manage your dashboards. 


The dashboard option allows you to go to the page that adds a new dashboard, or folder or imports a dashboard. Pressing Browse opens the Dashboard managing page. 

Note: The other options presented are still not connected to the Datastudio solution or not certified by the Collab Team. 


Inside the dashboard managing page you have the following options available:


Press New to:

  • Create a new dashboard. The page opens automatically


  • Create a folder, the page opens automatically:


  • Import a dashboard, the page opens automatically


click here to learn more about positioning and editing panels. 



Click here to learn how Alerting works.